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Outch, my heart just fell into a vat of glass shards and frozen needles

I love the sound you chose for Tacker's voice when he does his determined pose, the little fella sure moves to a path of healing and understanding quicker than most. You'll always have the coat Tacker!

cecameron responds:

Thank ya!

This was so great, a real kick to the nostalgia-nads! Everyone involved did such a good job, you can see the passion in every different style the artists submitted. If this group manages to stick to a new project, Id die to see an Earthworm Jim or Freakazoid.....or Pinky and the Brain.... nevermind too many epic animations to pick just one.

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This is great, a few months ago I was reading an article, I forget where, about the creation of Lemmings from its fathers so to speak. It made me want to play it again after so many years.

I didn't look super hard, but the only version I found lacked sound, took a long time to load for whatever reason, not to mention how glitchy it was.

This is awesome, brought me back to '91 sitting in my third grade class before school started, during many a recess and always during free time. 3 years later we where all playing Simcity 2000 instead, but I will always have a soft spot for blowing up green haired albinos who like dresses *I know thats not what they are, its a joke, no need to message me NG viewers*

I only took half a star off for not adding a little something extra to make it your version, like a special power, or just something unique that you added in there.

Other than that, from how it plays to how the music sounds, A#1 guy!

Needs lots of polish and work. My dumb ass dragon got stuck under a floating lift in stage 3. Locked up the game, firefox and my computer. if the task manager was not already up it would have been a hard restart moment.

Game is boring, cookie cutter and trite. Better luck next time.

yayapipi responds:

thanks, i will do better next time

The best part is if you dont push any buttons at all!

Great game, fun to play and easy to beat.

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Gave me chills! Makes me want to animate something in a forest, too bad I cant draw, but I can write something... giving me inspiration for sure!

vibe-newgrounds responds:

When I made a music video for this track, I used images of forest in various states. :)

Lyrical genius! Going to animate something to this now? I hope so anyway.

This song CRACKS me up, thats right, I went for the low hanging fruit of puns...... so sorry

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*Pat Benatar - I Need A Hero*

Enjoy that dry oatmeal raisin cookie

Nice art, if not a bit cheesy. Only one question. Why is this rated M? For melted? Munster?

Now offering nicer reviews with some brutal truths mixed in. Why? I don't know. Mostly I just get sick of looking at every flash and dedicating my time to pointing out obviously bad stuff. I'd rather praise the good. Most of the time anyway.

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